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Meet Nicky Kumar

My mandala work is an expression of my emotions and feelings that result from life’s events, lessons, and often struggles.   Art is a healing tool for me. Feeling emotions strongly has provided a drive to create and mandala art has proven to be a release valve.


A Perfect Circle

Written by Charelle Evelyn
Scene PG

Art show taps Eastern spirituality

Written by Frank Peebles
Prince George Citizen

Nicky is a Vancouver Canada based artist. She happened upon the career by accident in 2015 while on leave from a management job that wasn’t the right fit and had caused physical and mental symptoms due to stress. Nicky bought a mandala colouring book and after a day of colouring, she decided to try drawing mandalas herself. And then she began drawing mandalas day and night. Nicky credits the healing nature of mandalas for helping her to heal not only from the symptoms she was experiencing from stress, but also helping to heal her from anxiety and self confidence issues as well.  Mandalas instilled a happiness and peace deep inside and layed the ground work for a new found connection to the universe and its energy.

Four months after beginning to draw Nicky landed a contract with Vermont based Art Licensing International, after posting pieces on various social media sites.  Nicky’s pieces have been sold in major retailers such as Winners, HomeSense, and HomeGoods, and there is currently a piece available on retailers online shops such as Walmart.com

Nicky held an exhibition at the Prince George, British Columbia Arts Council Studio 2880 called Mind Body Soul which explored 7 chakras.

Nicky is passionate about the healing nature of mandalas and has a goal to share it with as many people as possible.  She teaches classes and facilitates mandala seminars and also regularly posts on her Instagram account for over 80,000 followers.  You can view how-to and process videos on her YouTube channel.

For commissions, purchases or mandala lesson inquiries please contact Nicky at nickysmandalas@outlook.com

For licensing inquiries, you may contact Nicky directly at nickysmandalas@outlook.com or if you’d prefer you may contact matt.appelman@artlicensing.com

What are Mandalas?

Mandalas are circular drawings with origins in Hindu and Buddhist religions.  They were brought to the western culture by the psychologist name Carl Jung who believed they were an expression of it’s creators inner feelings, emotions, and experience.  He would use mandalas in therapy by having his clients draw them analyzing the mandalas and diagnosing his clients.

Discover the world of Mandalas, and how to make them, from Nicky herself at a Mandala Party – Learn More